Clara Grullon

November 3, 1938 ~ January 24, 2018 (age 79)

Clara Indiana Grullon

(11/03/1938 – 01/24/2018)


Clara Indiana Grullon, more commonly known to her friends & family as simply “Indiana”, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on November 3rd, 1938. Her mother & father were Altagracia &Luis Sanchez; she also had two brothers: Orlando (who passed on when she was quite young) and Rafael Eduardo (who was known as “Sanchez”).

In her youth, in the Dominican Republic, she worked as a seamstress making beautiful dresses and she continued doing this after having her children, making matching outfits for her daughters.

She came to the United States in the early 1960’s with her best friend Juana Grullon, and soon after Juana’s brother: Reynaldo, also came to NY. Indiana liked to tell the story that he came chasing after her J Needless to say, they were married shortly after.

A year following their marriage, they had their first child: Rey Jr., 5 years after that Lissette was born & then 5 years after that came Denise. Indiana & Reynaldo also have 7 grandchildren. Rey Jr. & Anita gave them: Jonathan, Adrian, & Christian. Lissette & her then-husband, Tito had their only granddaughter: Kaylen Nina. And Lastly, Denise & Sheldon gave them: Omari, Elijah & Chase. Indiana also has countless nieces & nephews, and close friends.

Indiana was a warm, compassionate and vibrant woman who always went out of her way to help others – no matter what. She was a proud and dignified woman who had a passion for life. She had a wonderful sense of humor which endeared her to everyone she came into contact with and it is a great testament to her nature that she formed so many long-lasting friendships & has been so loved over the years.

She was always a beautiful, fashionable & glamourous woman. She was meticulous about her appearance, and her ability to coordinate her outfits was legendary. Indiana also was very particular about her beautiful hair, going to the salon every Saturday to have it perfectly colored & styled.

Anyone who has ever tasted her cooking, knew that she was an exceptional cook. No matter what time of the day you may have come over to her home, there was always something cooking on the stove. For her, food is love & she made it to nourish not only our bodies but also our spirits. No one EVER left her home hungry or without having laughed.

Indiana taught us that no matter how small we think a gesture maybe, if you do things with love & thoughtfulness, it can make a huge difference and impact to the lives of those around you.

So I will leave you with something that she said should not be forgetten:

“Amor esta en los detalles” or “Love was in the details”

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